1. Enterprise purpose:

Customer first, reputation to win, good quality, service quality.

2. Management idea:

A. quality -- the foundation of image; science and technology -- the key to take-off; management -- eternal theme; Innovation -- the source of development.

B. rely on employee management companies, rely on science and technology to improve quality, rely on quality to win the market, rely on innovation to promote development.

3. Team consciousness:

I rely on the survival of enterprises, enterprises rely on my development; I try to, for our profit enterprises.

4. Professional ethics:

A. the user is God, service is the basic duty.

B. user first, service first.

5. Corporate image:

Management according to law, management science, industry civilization, excellent style, service quality, excellent quality, exquisite technology, the courage to innovate.

6. Business strategy:

A. talent strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy, market development strategy.

B. implementation of talent, brand, innovation and market development strategy, consolidate and improve the level of development, and strengthen the brand.

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