Jiayuan company attention in application, design and manufacture to tape, paper, film and other materials in the field of slitting machine, rewinding machine, cutting machine and laminating machine roll.
Established in 1973 in Taipei, Taiwan
In 2002 in Jiangsu live in Kunshan to set up factories, the establishment of gawan Industrial (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
In 2009 in Taiwan, Taipei, the establishment of Jiacheng Industrial Co. Ltd.
In addition to the production of a number of standard models, but also according to customer requirements, design and manufacture of customized machine
Jiayuan design and production technology to develop the exquisite combination of science "business philosophy,
To "market oriented and user needs" as the business objectives,
More in good faith, innovation as the soul, to the quality of the market, to the management to benefit.
Machine manufacturing Jiayuan ergonomic is well known in the market with durable,
For over 40 years, thousands of machines are manufactured in thirty countries,
Among them, many of the 20 years of the machine is still running, such results from a belief, the details of the success or failure of all,
A good equipment comes from the designer's intention to be responsible for the selection of every precision and durable parts,
Jiayuan adhere to good use of steel, it should do a complete any heat treatment process,
And only apply mature and well-known brands of hardware and electrical components.
Jiayuan in the future will be more modest attitude to listen to suggestions and advice of customers,
Focus on customer communication and service, with the customer to Jiayuan trust.
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